September 4, 2018 Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black Pepper Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Black pepper essential oil are extracted from unripe peppercorn red fruit. This fruit is a native of East Asia and it has the capability to climb upto 20 feets but when it is grown commercially it is allowed to attain only 12 feet height for convenience. Black pepper is known for both a medicinal and a culinary spice in the Far East for more than 4000 years back. In Europe this fruit is known from the 5th century both for making medicines and making spices. Botanical name of this fruit is Piper nigrum and have its origin in Southern India. In kidney disorder case this pure essential oil is used sparingly.


In the world of massage or we can say aromatherapy black pepper essential oil is of great use when the oil is diluted to treat muscular pain, stiffness and fatigue. It is important to keep the proportion of black pepper in all blends very low as it is possible to produce irritation by overuse. The black pepper essential oil is produced from the small red fruit which is sundried first and then steam distilled to produce this most invigorating of all the essential oils.

The oil is an excellent remedy against congestion this oil is also great for motivating and energizing. This tasty spice is used all over the globe ayurvedic and Chinese doctors have used black pepper for over one thousand years back for curing persons from malaria and cholera and prevent digestion issues in many people. Ancient Egyptians used this spice for cooking and therapeutic properties. Black pepper was found in the nostrils and abdomen of many ancient tribes. In the medieval period this organic essential oil is used I used in England in charms and amulets for protection. This is not the limits even Buddhist monks carry peppercorns with them on long journeys through the Himalayas and concur hunger and give them inner strength.

These natural essential oils are a physical energizer with also a natural mental stimulant. This oil is arrogant and helps to wake a sleeping person on work and also for a day dreaming person when focus is need to concentrate on work. According to natural essential oils supplier black pepper is a beautiful oil to add in any medication or concentration blend as a motivator. The oil will warm any physical or emotional coldness, provide comfort and help to move forward when feeling stuck and dealing with mental and emotional blocks. We also love diffusing it while studying, driving a vehicle and for cleaning your house.

Among other beneficial properties of this oil as per natural essential oils manufacturers are that it is having fluidifying, analgesic and antiseptic nature. The oil also is a very good digestive stimulating and pain relieving qualities. This essential oil is warming though if it is used in very small amounts can actually help to bring down a fever. Some of the precautions which needs to taken while using the oil are it may cause redness on the skin or we can say a sensitive skin.

The oil should be used with caution and care in bath and massage applications. It will cause skin sensitization if the oil has oxidized and too much too often may over-stimulating resulting and damage to the kidneys. This natural essential oils wholesale is useful when looking to promote healthy lung support and encourage proper circulation of blood in the body. For those people practicing aromatherapy at an advanced level will often incorporate black pepper essential oil into blends formulated to help individuals quit smoking. Early studies show that this essential oil is a natural way to help manage symptoms of withdrawal when one is trying to stop working. Emotionally and energetically black pepper oil is a beautiful support when one is experiencing mental fatigue, low energy and situational depression. The oil also help in reducing fears and motivational change when change is needed.

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