November 7, 2017 Organic Natural Flower Oils Use Aromatherapy Body Beauty Natural Skin Care

Organic Natural Flower Oils Use Aromatherapy Body Beauty Natural Skin Care

natural-flower-oils3Natural Flower Oils are natural extracts from flowers & their parts. These aromatic liquids are obtained from flowers through steam distillation process. Flower oils are contained the real essence of their parent flower plant. They have refreshing charming fragrances that are used for several other purposes. These natural floral oils are also reported to be used in ancient Ayurveda & Unani medicines because of their therapeutic properties. The sweet and refreshing aroma of natural flower oils if to refreshing mind, body and soul. They benefit humans as these oils possess antidepressant benefits used for treating anxiety, emotional stress and high blood pressure.

All manufacturers of natural flower oils and volatile oil as aromatic oils or simply by the name of flower from which they are extracted. Raw materials are obtained from the lap of nature then undergo scientific process of steam distillation process. Each natural flower oils have distinctive and unique scientific process of steam distillation aroma and whiff of the flower. We have skilled professionals to obtain the pure & enriched extract of the flower oil using modern equipments in our hi-tech labs.

Janvi Herbs is the trusted manufacturer of pure natural flower oils, suppliers, wholesalers, bulk sellers and exporters of international quality of natural flower oils. Janvi Herbs supply completely pure organic and certified Natural flower oils. Old customers of Janvi Herbs totally trust the on the quality of herbal oils offered by our company. We offer natural oils products in hygienic & intact packing to preserve its enriched aroma at its best. We are offering efficient after sales service and have a dedicated customer manager to look after all customer queries and order parcel deliveries. Janvi herbs offer attractive product packages at best pricing that suits the need of the customers. At Janvi herbs customers can order online their favorite flower oil products at wholesale, retail sales and bulk purchases. We offer best customer satisfaction.

Natural flower oils are rich in tannin and hence its extracts are widely used in medicines purposes. Flowers of various trees are distilled and are used in production of perfumes. The flowers provide the perfumery essence on which sesquiterpenoid farnesol is named. Natural flower oils are rich source of forages and have protein content of 18%. The seed pods of various natural flower oils carry tannin up to 23% and its seeds are used as valuable food source. These seeds are non-toxic and are cold pressed. The oil so obtained is edible and is could be used in food preparations. Natural flower oil are used in the treatment of malaria, diarrhea and various other skin diseases. Various other natural flower oils are brought in use of many medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Its flowers, barks, twigs, leaves etc. are brought in used for the production of various medicines, oils and floral water preparation.


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