December 26, 2016 Welcome To The Ancient World Of Agarwood Oil And It’s Benefits

Welcome To The Ancient World Of Agarwood Oil And It’s Benefits

Agarwood is typically called as the “Wood of God” and considered as most expensive wood. It is found in the dense forests of South East Asia. It is one of the ultimate destinations of sacred fragrances which make a way towards the blissful journey of attaining clarity of mind and inner peace. Breathing in the aromatic aura of Agarwood oil gives the feeling of being in heaven.


The tree of Agarwood follows a natural defence method in which it gets infected with mildew and reacts by fabricating the dark aromatic resin. The greater the infection of the tree will be, it turns the tree into deep Heartwood which produces the diverse and unique aroma. The aroma of Agarwood will fill the nostrils and leave you intrigue with its fine and pleasant scent to make you desire for more.


Traditionally beckoned aspure-agarwood-oil- janvi herbs Oud/Agar, Agarwood has gained substantial significance and popularity all across the globe by launching illustrious exclusive brands of Agar fragrances. Agar is a blend of different aromatic, usually permeated with sandalwood and alcohol. The most prominent constituents of Agarwood are Palmitic acid and Selinene.






Get Acknowledged With Its Uses And Benefits:


The Heartwood of this tree of classic magnetism is used world-wide to extract its curative essential oil and mesmerizing fragrance ranges. It is pure Oud oil which is an actual fragrance ingredient itself without any other additional fragrant compound added to it.


Apart from being a source of sedative aroma from Agar’s Heartwood, it acts as the messenger of God with plenty of healing properties. It has been a part of an assortment of medicinal practices which includes Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicines, Sufi medicines etc. Its therapeutic properties are beneficial for curing several digestive and nervous chaos.


The deep psycho-emotional therapeutic quality of Agarwood oil is extremely helpful in lessening the degree of distress, anxiety and strains. It is a good herbal treatment which can directly be applied over the skin and can certainly be used for massage and aromatherapy.

The best thing about Agarwood ranges of scents are it provides unconditional concentration, mental firmness and clarity of the mind to reach the divine powers.

Thus, Agarwood simply fill the world with its amazing fragrances. The enthralling aroma of Agarwood oil is associated with divinity which turns the negativity into positivity.


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