What are Hydrosols and what is their use?

Hydrosol are also known as herbal distillates, floral waters, hydrolates, herbal waters, essential waters and aqueous water. Hydrosols are mostly aqueous products made from hydro distillation. They are colloidal suspensions of essential oils as well as water soluble components obtained by the steam distillation or hydro distillation which is a variety of steam distillation from plants and herbs. These herbal distillates have uses as flavorings and cosmetics which are skin care products. Hydrosols are produced in the same or similar manner as Pure essential oils. However the essential oil will float to the top of the distillate where it is removed leaving behind the watery distillate. For the same reason the common name natural essential water is more perfect. In past these essential waters were often considered a byproduct of the steam distillation but now are considered an important co-product.

Hydrosols are used for making cosmetics and toiletries products. In flavorings and curable hydrosols finds its uses. When the distillation process is underway the steam softens and liquifies the essential     oil contents of the plant. This creates a temporary bonding of two absolutely opposite elementary values water and oil which do not gel well usually. During the subsequent cooling of this absolute gas the oil soluble components get separated out from the water however the aromatic particles pass on some part of their qualities to the remaining water which is also known by the name of hydrosol. If we leave rose water as an exception hydrosol were deemed as waste products of the essential oils. Unlike essential oils that should be diluted prior to application on the skin hydrosols are much gentler that their essential oil counterparts and can be generally be used directly on the skin without further dilution.

Hydrosol can be used in place of water in creating natural fragrances, lotions, creams, facial toners and other skin care products. Hydrosols can also be added to the bathing water and used on their own as a light cologne or body spray. Hydrosol can be added to finger bowl for elegant, romantic dinner. Examples of botanicals that are available as hydrosols are rose, roman chamomile, neroli and Lavender. Sometimes water simply added with essential oils is sold as floral waters or improperly classifieds as hydrosols. Hydrosols are available through some, but not all sellers or Natural essential oil and natural skin care ingredients. Hydosols are sometimes referred as hydrolats, distillate waters or floral waters. Hydrosols are condensed water co-produced during the stream-distillation or hydro-distilling botanical material such as lavender.

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