Aniseed Hydrosol

Aniseed Hydrosol


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Product Description

Aniseed Hydrosol Botanical name of this hydrosol is Illicium verum. Aniseed hydrosol is also known as aniseed floral water and anise. Aniseed hydrosol is extracted from steam distillation after tender crushing of aniseeds. It is free from insect repellents and any other artificial colors. It is one of the exclusive flavoring agents in the confectionary industry. This hydrosol is widely used for adding taste in various beverages, desserts, candies and baked goods.

Blends with:

It blends with floral oils, woody oils, seeds oils and herb oils

Uses and benefits:

  • Used in making soaps, perfumes, detergents, toothpastes and mouthwashes
  • Controls gastrointestine troubles
  • Used in preparation of drugs and medicines
  • Acts as antiseptic for cuts and wounds


Product Technical Information

   Botanical Name Illicium verum
   CAS# 7732-18-5
   Color & Odor Clear to slightly hazy liquid with Characteristic of aniseed scent
   F.E.M.A. # No
   Country of Origin Australia
   Methods of Extraction Hydro Distillation
   Constituents It has trans-anethole that makes up to 90% of the oil. Other components of taste & smell of anise include anise aldehyde, estragol (iso-anethole), anise alcohol, pinene, limonene, p-methoxy-acetophenone and gamma-himachalene (2%)
   Solubility Soluble in ethyl alcohol & water
   Specific Gravity 0.970 – 1.030 @ 20°C
   Refractive Index 1.5510
   Flash Point N/A
   Optical Rotation 1.4230-1.4260
   Major Constituents No



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