Parsley Hydrosol

Parsley Hydrosol


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Product Description

Parsley Hydrosol Botanical name of this hydrosol is Petroselinum sativum. Parsley is a very useful plant and it is cultivated as an herb, vegetable and a spice also. It belongs to the Apiacea family. The plant produces flat leaves and it bears white flowers. These flowers are hydro distilled to produce colorless, clear and odorless parsley floral water.

Blends with:

This hydrosol blends with rose water and saffron oil

Uses and Benefits

  • Used in aromatherapy
  • Used in making various medicines
  • Helps balancing the effect of mental tension
  • Used in making cosmetics and beauty creams

Product Technical Information

   Botanical Name Petroselinum sativum
   CAS# 8000-68-8
   Color & Odor Colorless clear liquid
   F.E.M.A. # No
   Country of Origin India
   Methods of Extraction hydro distillation
   Constituents herbs Oils.
   Solubility Insoluble in alcohol and oils. Soluble in water.
   Specific Gravity 0.950 – 1.050 @ 20°C
   Refractive Index N/A
   Flash Point N/A
   Optical Rotation +32° to +46°
   Major Constituents No



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