Welcome To Private Labeling With JANVI HERBS

Janvi Herbs, as its name suggest is the treasure given to us by nature. Nature is the powerful source, it provides us with all types of herbal trees, from which we can make medicine and can extract essential oils. Since ancient times Ayurveda is the traditional system of medicine, our ancestor used these medical herbal plants for their healing or for any diseases treatment.

  • We the manufacturer of Essential Oils creates and print labels as per the requirements of clients.
  • For the convenience of the customer we present the packaging in various set of options.

As the containers contains priceless herbal essential oils, the contatiners are chosen smartly for all size of sets and are checked thoroughly whether it have any leakage.

We supply any types of orders whether it is small or large at a reasonable price and have shipping facility to deliver your order at your own destination choice.


If you are looking for the good quality with reasonable price, we are the one you can hit on. To us all quality matters the most, we do not mix essentail oils with synthetic oli, our oils are of great standards and you can get authenticated result.


Glass Containers, Plastic Containers, Roll-On Bottles, Spray Bottles, Storage Bottles

Standard size of the Containers:

  • 5ml Bottle
  • 15ml Bottle
  • 30 ml Bottle
  • Smaller than 1ozamber
  • 8ozamber
  • 4ozamber

(Which include dropper cap, trigger spray cap, Euro style cap, pump cap, Caps are avialable in both white and black.) In case you want to provide your own containers you can ship to us.


  • Labels can be made of your own choice, you can send us your printed label we will apply those to the bottles.
  • If you have only the design of the label, that too you can send to us we will get it printed and will apply to the bottles.
  • If you don’t have any design of the label you should not worry, we provide label also. For that you have to pay a onetime payment of USD, we will set up the label of your choice.
  • Our label is water proof and oil proof.

Time taken for the project:

  • It depend on how eager you are with your project and also on the size of the order. For the medium order, say about for 500 bottles, it generally takes about a 2 to 3 days to finalize your order, two week for labeling, bottling and shipping each.
  • For the order exceeding 1000 bottle the time for each get double.
  • Note : The minimum order you can place is of 100 bottle.

Enquiry :

For any enquiry related to the project you can reach Janvi Herbs by email : sales@janviherbs.com /janviherbs@gmail.com