Calendula (Infused) Carrier Oil




Calendula (Infused) Carrier Oil Botanical name of the oil is Calendula officinalis. The oil has several other names also like Common Marigold oil, Garden Marigold oil, Ruddles oil and English Marigold oil. “Calendula” comes from the Latin word “calendae” meaning “little calendar” as the Marigol flower blooms on first of every month. Calendula Carrier oil is steam distilled from the tops of the Marigold flower. The oil is being used widely in the aromatherapy. The oil possesses many properties like tonic, sudorific, emmenagogic and antispasmodic properties.


The oil blends with all essential oils

Uses and Benefits:

  • Used in skin care and treatment
  • Helps curing wounds, acne, ulcers, bed sores, aczema and rashes
  • Softens skin
  • Treats cramps and constipation
  • Gives relief from diaper rashes


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