Sugandh Mantri Essential Oil


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Sugandh Mantri Essential Oil Botanical name of the oil is Gandhi Roots. Other names of the oil include fragrant swamp mallow, Pavonia or Fragrant Pavonia. The oil is extracted from dried roots of the herb through steam distillation process. Sugandh mantra essential oil is well known for its fresh and captivating aroma which brings peace in the mind and the oil is used in spiritual healing and helps in relaxing.


Sandalwood oil and rosewood oil.

Uses and Benefits:

  • Helps in improving immune system of the body
  • Treats cold, injuries and heals various infections
  • Used in making hina and attars
  • Used in manufacturing fragrances and perfumery products

Product Technical Information

   Botanical NameGandhi Roots
   Color & OdorLight Yellow,The odour is refreshing pleasant spicy & typical note of Linalool
   F.E.M.A. #No
   Country of OriginIndia
   Methods of ExtractionSteam Distillation
   SolubilitySoluble in alchohols, oils and insoluble in water
   Specific Gravity1.47
   Refractive Index1.468
   Flash PointN/A
   Optical Rotation-98
   Major ConstituentsN/A


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