Lily floral absolute oil

Lily floral absolute oil


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Product Description

Lily floral absolute oil Botanical name of the oil is hedychium coronarium. Lily is a very very important plant. It is also known as Lilium and belongs with Liliaceae family. Lily is a genus of many herbaceous flowering plant. Some of the species of lily are grown for medicinal purposes. It is a representative of purity, Lilies have been used in many ceremonies since ancient times.

Blends with:

It blends with jasmine and rose oils

Uses and benefits:

  • Provides fragrance in perfumes, soaps and detergent
  • Used in making cosmetics
  • Used in perfume preparation
  • Used in treatment of spider veins

Product Technical Information

   Botanical Name Hedychium coronarium
   CAS# 94334-08-4
   Color & Odor white with a shade of yellow with ginger odor
   F.E.M.A. # No
   Country of Origin Himalayas region of Nepal and India
   Methods of Extraction No
   Constituents No
   Solubility N/A
   Specific Gravity ¡Ý 1.02
   Refractive Index N/A
   Flash Point N/A
   Optical Rotation N/A
   Major Constituents No



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