February 13, 2018 Natural Essential Oils

Keep Safe and Healthy Eyes with Gentle Natural Essential Oils

First of all we need to know what natural essential oils are. A natural essential oil is concentrated hydrophobic liquid obtained from aroma compounds of plants. These natural essential oils are also known as volatile oils or simple by the name of old of the plants from which they are extracted like old of clove. […]

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November 15, 2017 floral-absolute oils

Floral Absolute Oils Extraction Method and Uses Everything You Need to know

Traditionally pure essential oils are mostly extracted from using steam distillation process from plant parts like the roots, bark, twigs, flowers, buds, seeds and fruits. Some of the delicate flowers named as Lily and Lotus are greatly harmed by the steam distillation process of oil extraction so the extracted oil was a waste and it […]

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