February 13, 2018 Keep Safe and Healthy Eyes with Gentle Natural Essential Oils

Keep Safe and Healthy Eyes with Gentle Natural Essential Oils

First of all we need to know what natural essential oils are. A natural essential oil is concentrated hydrophobic liquid obtained from aroma compounds of plants. These natural essential oils are also known as volatile oils or simple by the name of old of the plants from which they are extracted like old of clove. An oil is said essential in the sense as it contains the essence of the plant fragrance and the oil contains the characteristic fragrance of the plant from which it is extracted. General method of extraction used is distillation often by using the steam distillation method or solvent extraction method, absolute oil extraction, resin tapping and cold pressing method.

Mostly the natural essential oil are used in making perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and skin care products like sun scream, flavoring food and drink and adding scent to incense and household cleaning products. Essential oils have been used in traditional medicines making from ancient times. The use of various essential oils is safe to use for you and your family. Natural essential oils are safe and are being used by families from thousands of years. Essential oils are highly concentrated, powerful and highly potent. Before application you must apply only a small amount of the oil on a very small area of your hand to feel the effect. Essential oils should be kept out of the reach of the children as they may cause damage to themselves with the incorrect use of the essential oils.

If by accident an infant or child swallows the essential oils you should immediately dilute the ingestion oil by administering milk, soy milk rice milk, yogurt, cream and body lotion or honey. Water should be avoided as it causes irritation by spreading the oils. Various essential oils have been used for thousands of years to treat various ailments and skin irritation problems. Some of the well known essential oils are believed to provide moisturize, assist in tissue birth and help remove eye wrinkles. Some natural essential oils are too potent to use alone and must be mixed with carrier oil such as almond oil or jojoba oil. Find here list of some of the well known natural essential oils which are found good for keeping your eyes healthy and with good vision.

  1. Flaxseed Oil: The omega3 fatty acids in flaxseed oil may benefit eye health. Many famous doctors have stated that flaxseed oil can help a person suffering from dry eyes when taking daily with other supplements or alone. They have given statements like flaxseed oil seems to reduce dry eye symptoms, including burning. Stinging, redness and visual disturbance. In addition to this several researches say that decrease in the incidence of cataracts and muscular denegation. Fish oil while not an essential oil is also recommended by many doctors to treat several eye conditions.
  2. Chamomile Oil: It is believed that ancient women from Egypt used the petals of crushed chamomile on their skin to keep it healthy and bright. As we all know that chamomile oil is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and is detoxifying. Many doctors say that this essential oil narrows blood vessels by helping reducing redness and can help with puffy eyes. Chamomile oil can also be used to soothe dry skin around your eyes. Chamomile oil has not been proven to benefit any disorders however.
  3. Lavender Oil and Lemon Oil: If any person is complaining that he is feeling less vision in his eyes he should apply lavender oil or the lemon oil to increase this vision. However for treating sties and conjunctivitis homeopathy, essential oils and home remedies are used. Doctors recommend mixing lavender oil and lemon oil with boiled water and washing the eyes. Lavender oil is calming and healing for skin around the eyes. However many doctors have claimed that lavender and lemon oil have proven to treat eye disorders many times.
  4. Rose Oil and rosewood Oil: Rose oil is known to ease dry skin and reduce wrinkles. Doctors suggested blend is drops of rose oil, frankincense oil and sandalwood oil in jojoba oil. Rose oil is good for sensitive skin and is known for rejuvenate your skin under eyes so to get rid of dark circles. Rosewood oil is considered best remedy for wrinkles. Doctors recommend gentle rosewood oil to regenerate tissues and reduce wrinkles. Although to benefit dry skin and wrinkles there is enough evidence to support the use of rosewood oil and rose oil as a treatment.

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