Certified Organic Labdanum Essential Oil


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US FDA Certified Organic Labdanum Essential Oil Botanical name of this oil is cistus ladaniferus. Certified organic labdanum essential oil is a gluey brown resin that is achieved from shrubs and bush. The oil is steam distilled from the aromatic white flower portion of the plants. It is very helpful from all treatments. It is a perfect oil for use in medical and aromatherapy support functions. The oil is used for food essence of the baked goods, soft drinks and ice creams.

Blends with:

It blends with mandarin oil, lavender oil, myrtle oil and rosemary.

Uses and Benefits:

  • Used in perfume industry.
  • Used for food essence of baked goods, soft drinks and candies.
  • Treats stomach pains.
  • Gives relief in respiratory disorders.

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