Certified Organic Patchouli Indonesian Essential Oil


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Certified Organic Patchouli Indonesian Essential Oil Botanical name of this oil is Pogostemon cablin. Patchouli is a very fragrant herb having supple elliptical leaves and square stems. The color of patchouli essential oil varies by the type of distillation machine deployed. When the patchouli leaves are steam distilled the resulting essential is either of golden orange to dark red-brown viscous liquid which is having warm, earthy and fresh fruitlike aroma.

Blends with:

This oil blends with clary sage, ylang ylang and sandalwood oil

Uses and benefits:

  • Used as excellent fixative.
  • Regulates circulatory system of the body
  • Used in aroma therapy
  • Treats depression and fatigue..

Product Technical Information

   Botanical NamePogostemon cablin
   Color & OdorCharacteristic woody earthy, camphorated medicinal odor with light Yellow to dark Brown liquid.
   F.E.M.A. #No
   Country of OriginIndonesia
   Methods of ExtractionSteam distillation of the dried leaves.
   ConstituentsPatchoullol, α-Bulnesene, α -Guaiene
   SolubilitySoluble in 1:10 (V/V) dilution in Ethanol
   Specific Gravity0.9500 – 0.9750
   Refractive Index1.5070 – 1.5150
   Flash Point125 ºC
   Optical Rotation-65.0 – -48.0
   Major ConstituentsPatchoullol – 32% and β-Pinene < 1%


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