Floral Absolute Oils

What are Pure Floral Absolute Oils?

Similar to the pure essential oils pure floral absolute oils plants also contain certain aromatic oils in the form of concentrated oils which is the common language are known as organic pure absolute oils. Infact organic pure essential floral absolute oils are more in demand for preparing perfumery and fragrances besides aromatherapy. This is so we know a fact and reason that the extraction process of absolutes deploys chemical solvents more than hexane and subsequently ethyl alcohol. Hexane presence in  organic essential absolute oils brings about the concentrated form and with the help of the ethyl alcohol the plant waxes and other similar constituents are removed from the final extracted resulted pure floral absolute oils.

Traditionally pure essential oils are mostly extracted from using steam distillation process from plant parts like the roots, bark, twigs, flowers, buds, seeds and fruits. Some of the delicate flowers named as Lily and Lotus are greatly harmed by the steam distillation process of oil extraction so the extracted oil was a waste and it could not solve the purpose of aromatherapy and perfumery. So the oil from such delicate flowers is extracted using a very special technique to preserve the natural beauty and intensity of the fragrance. Floral absolute oils are a high concentration of fragrance in the form of an essence and requires more than extra care in preserving the fragrance of the pure absolute oil. Due to the volatile nature of 100% organic and requires more than extra care in preserving it and that care must be taken in its usage. Pure and natural floral absolutes oils compulsory have to be stored in dark, air-tight glass bottles, and kept distanced from heat.

Usage of pure floral absolute oils is through proper storage, an organically produced and extracted pure and natural will live a self-life of more than five years. This excellence personified range of absolute oils is brought by Janvi herbs are ecstatic and spiritual bouquet of fragrances that are made in absolutely controlled, sterilized environments and that leave no residue behind. This ensures the safe use of mind, body and spirit. This new range of absolute oils include the heavenly white, blue, blue and red lilies. Absolute oils is used in aesthetic goods and luxury perfumes. Mostly the Absolute oils are used for bitters and mouth flovors, sweets and baked products. Another use of pure essential absolute oils is also to whiff hairs and clothes and in making incense sticks. Beside from personal uses pure absolute oils is used for making medicines.

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