Cedarleaf (Thuja) Hydrosol

Cedarleaf (Thuja) Hydrosol


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Product Description

Cedarleaf (Thuja) Hydrosol Botanical name of this hydrosol is Juniperus Sabina.  It is also known as thuja occidentalis. This is an evergreen tree. It is a kind of ornamental treewith other names like American arbor    vitae, tree of life, atlantic white cedar, cedrus lycae, False whit etc. Thuja oil is also used as cleanser, disinfectant, insecticidal and liniment. Thuja is used as tea also.

Blends with:

Citrus oils, Lavender, Pine needle

Uses and Benefits

  • Used in making homeopathic medicines
  • Considered good for aromatherapy
  • Used in making sprays and bath oils
  • Used in making disinfectant cleaner
  • Used in making room fresheners

Product Technical Information

   Botanical Name Juniperus sabina
   CAS# 8007-20-3
   Color & Odor Colorless clear liquid with Characteristic thuja odor
   F.E.M.A. # No
   Country of Origin Canada
   Methods of Extraction Hydro Distillation
   Constituents Pinene, thujone (toxic), caryophyllene, tannin, pinipicrin and resin.
   Solubility Insoluble in alcohol and oils. Soluble in water
   Specific Gravity 0.950 – 1.050 @ 20°C
   Refractive Index N/A
   Flash Point N/A
   Optical Rotation 1.4730-1.4760
   Major Constituents No



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