Janvi Herbs one of the leading wholesale suppliers, manufactures 100% pure natural essential oils and all other allied aromatic oils products like

  • Natural Essential Oils
  • carrier and base oils
  • spice oils
  • Organic Essential Oils
  • traditional Indian attar’s
  • natural cosmetic butters
  • exotic dilutions
  •  enigmatic blends
  • floral absolutes
  • floral waters
  • hydrosols

and many more.

Find here pure essential oils suppliers, manufacture, wholesale bulk item seller and exporters of organic 100% pure and natural essential oils in United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), CANADA, Australia worldwide and other allied products in India.

Get Pure Essential Oils India at competitive and cheap price range. buy Online Aromatherapy herbal oils and pure essential oils manufacture India. We offer a different variety of essential oils all our products natural pure 100% organic like Natural Essential Oils, Carrier Oils and Base Oils, Oleoresins , Hydrosols, Natural Flower Oils, Traditional Indian Attars, Floral Absolute Oils, Certified Organic Oils, Natural Cosmetic Butters, Exotic Oil Dilutions, Therapeutic Massage Blends, Spice Oils, Aromatherapy Oils.

Who’s who in the Team – JANVI HERB’S

The team JANVI HERBS under the flagship of a young entrepreneur, Rahul Tyagi, comprises of Raj, Janvi Tyagi, Rahul, Parul and Geeta, who have joined hands together for achieving the three ‘Gems’ mentioned above.

We are exclusively into the manufacturing and exports of Natural essential oils, Carrier oils, Absolute oils, Traditional Indian Attars, Oleoresins, Floral waters, Hydrosols and many such allied products – the list is really very long! In the near future, may be in a couple of months down the line, we will be adding some more product categories into our existing glorious range, like Butters, Clays and waxes etc.

Rahul Tyagi had a fondness for the natural products ever since his childhood and that ‘passion’, like a magnet, attracted him to the industry of natural oils. He has a sterling experience of nearly eight years into this industry, working and being associated, some way or the other.

His strong business acumen is braced with the qualities of professionalism and sheer ethical style of working with the art of ‘Service Excellence’ being an ‘Icing on the cake’! His ‘know-how’ on the subject matter can inspire anyone to write a book on “Natural Oils and allied products”.

This young entrepreneur wants, not only to achieve success in life or growth for himself alone but for everyone associated with him. He believes that even the beloved clients are also our associates and when their needs are satisfactorily met with, their ‘trust’ and ‘love’ for us grows manifolds, which results in the growth of the business and hence the business associates will naturally be benefitted.

For being customer oriented one needs to be conscientious towards the Quality, Quantity and Service delivery aspects. The team JANVI HERBS visions for an absolute ‘Faith’ from all our esteemed clients – across the globe! Basis the ethical norms of the business, we want to achieve the pinnacle of excellence and glitter like a shining star in the business.

Along with Rahul Tyagi, the seasoned campaigner – Raj and the ‘new-kid-on-the-block’ – Geeta are responsible for the business in entirety, right from procurement of raw materials, customer servicing, revenue generation, setting up strategies till resolving the customer queries / issues.

Since we are into on-line business, it becomes imperative that our digital marketing strategies are in place and are being supervised every moment. Janvi Tyagi and Rahul are the two ‘Digital’ mouth pieces of the team, who work day-in and day-out to reach out to the mass and apprise them more and everything that we do or plan to do.

Frequently ‘brain-storming’ the on line viewers about our exquisite range of products and regularly keeping a track of site-visits reports is what these young lads enjoy.

The enjoy while they work and that shows in their output. Parul , on the other hand is responsible for the operations in totality, under the guiding supervision of Rahul Tyagi. She takes care of the generation of invoices, inventory-watch and ensures constant follow up with the clients till the delivery of the consignment(s) to them.

We have to achieve much more and we do not to look to sky as the limit! We have the ‘faith’ of our customers from all parts of the world and it is their ‘loyalty’ towards us which makes us more humble.

We have serviced our clients in all continents and touch based almost every country on the world map. As we said earlier, even sky is not the limit and that’s what our mission statement is – Reach out to moon!

We have obtained regulatory compliance certifications from USFDA in terms HACCP, GMP and standardization certification from International Standards Organization (ISO). Obtaining such certifications is no easy job and requires a lot of determination in terms of ‘Service delivery, ‘ Quality and Quantity’ and above all ‘Truth’.

We strive for excellence and wish to thrive for same in whatever we do; and the saga continues…….