Orange Hydrosol

Orange Hydrosol


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Product Description

Orange Hydrosol Botanical name of this hydrosol is citrus aurantium. Orange hydrosol is obtained by steam and distillating water of orange peels.  The hydrosol so produced is mild, sweet and aromatic. The rind of the fruit which grows on orange tree is used to prepare this hydrosol. Orange hydrosol is best solution for treating oily and dark color skin.

Blends with:

Cucumber or lime hydrosol and citrus essential oils

Uses and Benefits

  • Adds orange flavor to food industry
  • Used in making soaps
  • Various body lotions uses this hydrosol
  • Skin cream makes use of this hydrosol

Product Technical Information

   Botanical NameCitrus aurantium
   Color & Odorpale yellow & sweet, floral aroma
   F.E.M.A. #No
   Country of OriginFrance
   Methods of ExtractionHydro Distillation
   Constituentsß-pinene (7 to 17%), linalool (28 to 45%), limonene (9 to 18%), linalyl acetate (3 to 15%), geraniol, beta (E)-ocimene, a-terpineol.
   Specific Gravity0.849-0.852
   Refractive IndexN/A
   Flash Point160°F
   Optical Rotation+33° to +47°
   Major ConstituentsNo



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